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Macramé Dolls: Suit and Dress

Macramé Dolls: Suit and Dress

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Floral Accent
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8in metal hoop, cotton cords, wooden beads, season florals, twine

Overall Dimensions

8 in

Processing Time

1 - 2 week

Care Instructions

All macramé items are made from 100% recycled cotton cord. Macramé items are intended for indoor use only, unless specified in the description. Macramé items are not toys, loose cords and wooden beads can be a choking hazard, and should be kept out of reach from young children.


Do not machine wash. To remove stains, use lukewarm water and spot clean, air dry only. To remove accumulated dust particle, simply give the item a shake. You can also use a micro fiber cloth to dust regularly, or a lint roller.


During transit the tassels or hanging cords may get tangled. To smooth and detangle, use a wide-teeth comb or your fingers and gently brush through.


Avoid vigorous handling of the macramé hanger, as knots may untangle.

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